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Google is changing the layout of the site, what will affect on SEO

Google is changing the layout of the site, what will affect on SEO

A new meeting with webmasters from Google employee John Mueller was not the best for them. Website development will change because new requirements for SEO will appear.

With layout design updates, sites will change in rankings. It won't affect legacy URLs and content either.

One of the webmasters told John Mueller that with the recent redesign of his blog, he has moved away from WordPress, using the Hugo static site generator to publish his own posts. The content and structure of the site's URL did not change. The question for a Google employee was about future changes in rankings.

Muller replied that the changes could affect SEO. Innovation can be both good and bad. Most of the standard templates will now need to be further developed. This also applies to templates that are marked “SEO optimized”, as well as those templates that require styling, CSS updates with improvements to various HTML elements.

It turns out that the design of the site does not need to be changed, but thorough rechecking can still be done.

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  • 28 August, 2020


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