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Google is changing the priorities of MFI indexing - the main nuances of optimizing AMP pages

Google is changing the priorities of MFI indexing - the main nuances of optimizing AMP pages

Search giant Google has introduced new indexing conditions based on the MFI policy. Now mobile versions of sites will be indexed first.

The prerequisites for the introduction of MFI indexing appeared back in 2015, when Google launched the AMP project. He was supposed to speed up the loading of websites and individual pages to compensate for the slow Internet connection.

Google planned to implement a CDN network for websites. The technology involves sequential loading of pages, caching of banners and various inserts on the site for comfortable display. According to Google representatives, this technology provides the opening of AMP resources in a second, while regular pages have an average load time of 22 seconds.

News sites are already using AMP optimization technology. The New York Times and The Washington Post reported on the acceleration of the opening of news pages. Already, AMP is actively implementing online stores.

Benefits for users and website owners

AMP pages duplicate all the features of the original parts of the sites. Users can buy goods, surf the web and not wait for a long time to downloading pages. It's worth noting that AMP pages aren't just for mobile versions of websites. According to Google itself, they can be viewed on any device. Responsive websites with mobile and desktop versions are especially welcome.

Developers can monitor AMP page errors in Google Search Console and quickly fix them. Google Analytics allows you to conduct complex analytics of such pages. In addition, the AMP framework has an integrated ability to run A / B tests to determine the most effective design.

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  • 20 June, 2020


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