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Why and for what you need a chat bot

Why and for what you need a chat bot

Сhatbot is a computer program that acts as a virtual advisor. Its task is to communicate with the user to inform about various products, provide the required information and assistance. Bots help replace or supplement communication with a live consultant.

Thanks to machine learning, most of these programs are already able to simulate responses at the level of the average online manager. The main thing is that the required answer should be in the database. Many people think that such developments have become available relatively recently, but they are wrong.

The first prototype of a chat bot appeared back in 1966. The program was named Eliza. In this program, even then, a method characteristic of modern bots was used. The utility could issue information when entering key queries. Also the app is adept at asking questions. For example, if the user entered the word mom in the console, the bot asked to tell him about the family.

In the 90s, bots were popular on IRC, a protocol for real-time communication. But chat bots gained particular popularity thanks to Facebook Messenger. In 2016, the company peddled this theme, advertising its messenger as a great communication tool for business and clients. Also, many banks integrate bots that can analyze the client's request by keywords and connect with the operator.

Why do you need a chat bot?

To answer this question, you need to know about the varieties of such software. There are two main types of chat bots:

  1. Chat bot to execute specific programs. It has limited functionality. There is a database with prepared answers, sometimes a list of available questions. Such a bot helps users get something like an extended FAQ section.
  2. Chatbot based on machine learning. Such a program can deal with non-standard questions and works on the principle of a virtual advisor. This type of software is becoming very popular in the business world.

Using a chatbot as a customer service consultant has many benefits, but the main one is saving time and money. Nowadays, every second is worth its weight in gold. A potential client does not like to wait a long time. If he doesn't get a response quickly, he will leave his money elsewhere. The virtual assistant allows you to freely communicate at any time of the day. The client will always be able to get information about the goods or services that interest him.

Reducing customer service costs

Using a chatbot will reduce the costs required to hire employees who serve clients online. Thanks to bots, the consultant can only deal with the most specific problems that cannot be solved by a computer program. A virtual assistant, unlike a person, is able to serve several clients at the same time.

Not so long ago, the company Personetics conducted a survey. According to its results, only 20% of clients receive a response within the first 15 minutes of a request. Complex questions require chatting for about one hour. This is a significant time that can be spent on more valuable activities.

Database creation

The strength of a virtual consultant also extends to the creation of client databases. Internet user responses allow you to collect information and create personalized offers. Using a customer service program is a great way to find out what they are looking for and what they are interested in.

The only limit in customer service with a chatbot is your imagination. Using a virtual consultant is a way to cut costs and increase sales. The popularity of bots will grow from year to year, so today it is worth investing in modern technologies that will improve the performance of your business.

Help in buying goods or services

Advisor bots or information utilities are good for quickly getting the data you need. But what about online shopping? Modern bots can help clients choose a product based on features. For example, a user is looking for running shoes.

He chose two models, but he can't decide. This is where the chatbot enters the arena. It can analyze both options for a number of parameters, provides valuable information and helps you make purchases in one click. If the client is not yet ready to buy, the bot saves the information and can reissue it when the user returns to this topic.


Summarizing all the above information, we can highlight several main theses:

  1. Bots help reduce response time;
  2. The utility can communicate with a large number of clients at the same time;
  3. Bots have a database with answers or a machine learning option;
  4. These utilities cut costs and help increase sales.

Implementation of chat bots into the business segment should be considered as something inevitable. Modern society is going through a stage of digitalization. Online commerce and services take precedence over classic customer service methods. Integrating chatbots into your current business model can be beneficial in both the short and long term.

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