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Why choose WordPress?

Why choose WordPress?

Website development is associated with the choice of CMS or content management system. She is responsible for creating, managing and editing the entire web resource and content in general. There are paid and free options. Many users have heard of WordPress at least once, but not everyone knows what it is. Let's figure it out.

WordPress - site content management system developed under the GNU GPL license. This means that it is completely free for commercial use.

The system has millions of users around the world. According to various surveys, WordPress is used by 27% of websites worldwide. This means that every fourth Internet resource on the planet is built on WordPress..

Top reasons for choosing WordPress

Many people succumb to the collective trend and order the creation of a site on this CMS. Millions cannot be wrong, but let's look at the specific benefits so as not to be unfounded.

Issue price

The big advantage of WordPress is that it's free to use. Many hostings support quick installation of WordPress templates. If you understand the intricacies of creating sites on this CMS, then the only payment for the site will be your time.

But even in the case of using third-part help, such a site will cost an order of magnitude cheaper than analogues. A specialist can help you quickly install a graphic template and customize it.

Thousands of templates

You don't nedd to to be a graphic designer, or pay for graphics. At least in the beginning. If you want to launch your first corporate website, you do not need to deal with its structure and deal with other complex processes.

Тhousands of free image templates are available for WordPress and many of them are quite suitable for starting your own business. Even paid templates are relatively inexpensive. It will take some time to find the right option. You need to focus on several criterion:

  1. Suitable design and structure;
  2. User rating;
  3. Responsive design for mobile devices.

The choice of templates allows you to save a lot in the first stages. Then you can customize all the necessary aspects.

Custom functionality

Using WordPress, the user can create new pages, add content, and quickly edit individual parts of the site. These and other settings can be implemented relatively quickly. A significant advantage is the ability to make independent minor modifications without getting into the code and page frames. You don't need to hire a programmer or outsource to add minor changes. It will save time and money.

If you need something special, you can install extensions (plugins) that provide additional functionality. There are thousands of plugins as well as templates, and again they are free. If you need to implement some new functionality, you can find a ready-made solution on the net. Here are some options that a WordPress user can implement:

  1. Security settings and backup;
  2. Work with social networks;
  3. Customizing forms and widgets;
  4. Working with photo and video gallery;
  5. Working with LSI and SEO.

Plugins allow you to add the functionality of an online store, portal, forum, and any other aspects.

Conveniences of SEO promotion

WordPress is the most used CMS system, which is popular among digital marketers due to the large number of plugins and maximum functionality. Let's take a look at the benefits of WordPress in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

A clear web structure is one of the main factors influencing SERP. WordPress allows you to edit element names with a few clicks. This makes it easier for search engines. Each post must be classified. Categories create a clear structure that helps you better index your web page and navigate the web quickly.

WordPress also allows you to add a tag to every blog post. Tags help classify posts and make your blog easier to find. In addition, they make it easier for visitors to search through very extensive content.

Do not forget about internal links, which you can do relinking. Thanks to WordPress, internal web links are very easy to use. Just select the content you want to link to, copy its URL and paste it into the article. Internal links will make it easier for visitors to navigate and help in indexing content by search engines.

WordPress offers another useful feature - "image optimization". Images are very important for the good SEO and for the readers. WordPress also offers webmasters another significant advantage - the ability to add a sitemap file without having code.

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