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Сontextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a special type of ads shown to network users, in accordance with the content of a web page or specific user search queries. Main feature this type of PR - it appears when the user himself was looking for information about certain product or service. The user only needs to ask a couple of questions to the search engine, so that your ads appear on websites or search results. There are the following types advertising:

  • Searching (in the results of the issuance of Google, Yandex etc.);
  • Banner (on sites located in the partner network);
  • Remarketing (when a user visited your site or opened your application)

Advertising is carried out to targeting, behavioral technologies and marketing.It is worth ordering contextual advertising for those who do not have stable online sales and want to increase traffic to their resource. There are many systems like Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords and Begun. Each of the options is characterized by the display of PR materials in the form of a title, body text and links. And it works.

How to set up contextual advertising

In this case, it is important to focus on the end customer. Network users, like hypermarket customers, are looking for the information they need. Our task is to help them with this by providing PR messages on the right topic. Each click on a paid message costs of money. The customer pays for a specific user action that is as close as possible to the purchase. How it works? First, the search engine system finds out what the main topic your site by analyzing your content.

Professionally customized contextual advertising is matched with keywords, selected topics, location, browsing habits and many other factors. The algorithm allows for hyper-personalized publishing. By choosing specific topics and matching them to the content on your site. Your ads may appear in relevant publications, blogs and websites.

Google Ads and many other services analyze potential placements. This allows determine which websites are most relevant to your targeting settings. To do this, algorithms analyze the text, language, page structure and internal links on each website..

Benefits of a contextual advertising agency

Our experts shape the data by identifying the potential identity of the user who is the target audience for your business. Users with similar behavior can be grouped into one bank, which we call segments. We use HTTP requests, flash cookies and other behavioral tracking methods.

Conducting contextual advertising is always best left to specialists. This will help not to waste the entire budget on promoting a product or service. We will help you prioritize, pay per click and many settings. In a month you will receive a significant influx users for paid and free traffic. The first results of promotion can be felt after a few days.

Unlike search engine optimization, you don't have to wait long for results. When delegating work to our team, you will not waste your money, but will effectively attract new customers and increase the views of your web resource. Your business will be able to break through the great competition. Do not delay the development of your business. Start a campaign now to get new customers tomorrow.

Here you can order Internet marketing with different budgets, duration and a set of promotions.

Benefits of contextual advertising:

  • Instant result
  • Audience selection
  • Choise of geographical coverage
  • Transparent payment system
  • Pay only for the transition to the site
  • Customizable display calendar
  • Flexible approach

All modern technologies are available to us

For each project, we choose the optimal technology stack to achieve maximum results

Our Benefits

Every client needs a quality website, successful marketing and technical support. These are the three pillars that guide us in our daily work. Regardless of the complexity of the project, the company works to its maximum potential. A one-page website will be built with the same attention to detail as a huge online store with hundreds of sections.

Experience is one of the main advantages of working with us. All your thoughts, which have not yet formed into specific requirements, have already been implemented by our team earlier. With us you get:

High quality

Our experience allows us to create high quality Internet resources


We choose only reliable tools and partners, and we sleep well

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We take research and design seriously to get the best results

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We will always help our clients. You are sleeping, and the site and we are working

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