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Corporate website

Creation corporate website

A corporate website is not just a bright showcase with a corporate logo, but a powerful source attracting the target audience. This is a kind of advertising platform with detailed information about the company, its activities and offered goods/services. Corporate website, which requires the correct creation positioning of the brand, must effectively promote the company online.

If you are striving to establish business relationships with large customers, then order the corporate website is maintained by professionals. Our company will create a stylish and functional design that raises the status of the organization in the eyes of customers. Such an Internet resource will become mouthpiece of the company, allowing you to publish the most up-to-date information for the target audience.

What do we mean by company web resource?

Such web resources are not aimed at the direct sale of products, but serve to provide information about the company itself, work with clients, describing obligations to the clientele. Using such a website, you can fulfill information obligations to partners, creditors and third parties of the company without paper publications with the resulting costs and thus strengthening the delicate ties between managers and partners.

Communication between the company and partners, including convening meetings, submitting documents, inquiries and information can be made electronically. Web resource allows share data between companies and potential customers. Manufacturing a corporate website always relies on the market niche where company operates.

Order corporate website: benefit for customers

Since the company must look perfect, corporate website design must be carried out by professionals. Our company provides a range of services aimed at on the formation of a positive image of customers in the network and the popularization of their brand.
We are offering:

  • Unique responsive Design;
  • Convenient website management system;
  • Cross-browser compatibility to run a web resource on any device;
  • Thorough testing and filling of the website;
  • Marketing and promoting your business online.

The final version should have all the important data and user-friendly design in order for partners and potential customers in case to get the most up-to-date information about the company. Cross-browser compatibility means that your web resource will open without problems in any browser, without defects or displacements of controls. Website management system is also important. The convenience and simplicity of adding new materials helps to quickly update information about company.

Creation of a turnkey corporate website

If your business has a well-established style, logo and recognizable brand elements - all of them will include to your account to retail a web resource. But even the absence of such developments will not stop us to create a true masterpiece. Turnkey development service means automation of all stages: from the creation of a design idea to the implementation of logos and all sections of the Internet resource. We carefully monitor to create solutions for the automation of accounting, visualization of business processes, advanced analytics and conversion.

The final corporate website, the cost of which depends on the amount of work, will become convenient platform for the development of economic and financial activities. Turnkey solution simplifies your life, since you do not need to painfully deal with the nuances of the future platform. Everything is decided and developed by our specialists.

Development and creation of a corporate website: issue price

Financial aspects excite customers no less than the final appearance of the site. First turn, the final price is influenced by the following factors:

  • Design complexity and number of pages;
  • Availability of personal accounts for company staff;
  • Chat system, schedule and time management module;
  • System of news, reporting and orders for staff;
  • File storage and document exchange system.

It is difficult to answer directly the question of how much a corporate website costs. Our team is trying minimize the final amount so that customers can invest in the budget. Nonetheless, quality does not suffer from an affordable price. We are always focused on providing the best technological solutions for our customers.

The price for a corporate website will be democratic, and not exceeding the price for the country as a whole. We conduct a detailed briefing to take into account all the wishes and needs when developing your order. This eliminates problems and inaccuracies. Through a meticulous approach to creating a website, you get a complete product that satisfies all your expectations.

Here you can order a corporate website both with an individual design and with a solution based on a ready-made template with any required functionality.

Creation tools:

  • Info blocks(text)
  • Photo gallery
  • Banners
  • Slide show
  • Videos insert
  • Feedback Forms
  • Visit analytics
  • Internet payment

All modern technologies are available to us

For each project, we choose the optimal technology stack to achieve maximum results

Our Benefits

Every client needs a quality website, successful marketing and technical support. These are the three pillars that guide us in our daily work. Regardless of the complexity of the project, the company works to its maximum potential. A one-page website will be built with the same attention to detail as a huge online store with hundreds of sections.

Experience is one of the main advantages of working with us. All your thoughts, which have not yet formed into specific requirements, have already been implemented by our team earlier. With us you get:

High quality

Our experience allows us to create high quality Internet resources


We choose only reliable tools and partners, and we sleep well

Competent approach

We take research and design seriously to get the best results

Marketing research

Need to overtake your competitors? To be better? Let's start with research

Official contract

Everything is fair and open, we have nothing to hide

Support for our clients

We will always help our clients. You are sleeping, and the site and we are working

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